Fall Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Center

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FIPAR Services: A Comprehensive Approach to Evaluating Falls

All services are provided by a team of certified and licensed professionals.

Fall Risk Assessment
We utilize a customized and comprehensive fall risk screening tool to identify individual risk factors for a fall.  Our FIPAR fall risk screening tool is used in conjunction with the findings of a detailed physical exam and medication review to evaluate fall risks and acute and chronic medical conditions that can lead to falls.  We also use gait analysis testing to further assess and evaluate the manner or style of walking.

Lifestyle Assessment

The physical and psychological trauma after experiencing a fall may result in the fear of falling. According to the literature, fear of falling can also occur in the elderly who have not fallen or not sustained an injurious fall, posing a more serious threat than that of the fall itself.  Our FIPAR Lifestyle assessment is a mental health screening for depression, anxiety, and fear of falling.  We then follow-up with evidence-based multi-interventional fall prevention strategies that can decrease fear of falling and injurious fall rates among community dwelling elderly at high risk for falls.

In Home Safety & Fall Risk Assessments
Over 55% of all elderly falls occur inside the home.  The Fall Injury Prevention Center not only offers fall risk screenings for the individual, but also fall risk assessments for your home.  Cords, rugs, and other objects can pose as a tripping hazard within the home.   In-home fall risk assessments help to identify safety hazards at the patient’s place of residence and provide referral resources for a safe home environment.