Audiology Services
Coming Soon!!  We will be offering audiology services that include basic otologic evaluations and balance & vestibular diagnostic testing for vestibular disorders.  These audiology tests will help to rule out balance and inner ear problems such as ear infections which can lead to dizziness or imbalance.  This is another part of our comprehensive approach to identifying fall risks. 
If you or your loved one is currently experiencing hearing or ear-related problems, please tell our provider at your next appointment with us for referral for audiology testing.

Social Services
We recognize that preventing falls may require additional resources to assist client mobility and increase safety in the home and the community.  Our licensed professional Social Worker will investigate the psycho-social needs of the client that have been identified by other members of our interdisciplinary team, to help determine the best way to meet those needs. Clients will be educated about resources that may be able to assist them, and are also provided with an understanding of the resources of how to access them.


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